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Copper Nickel 70 30 Instrumentation fittings are made from a combination of two metals, copper and nickel. This alloy is highly durable, making it suitable for many industrial and commercial applications. Its chemical composition includes 70% copper, 28-30% nickel, 0.3-0.6% iron and trace amounts of manganese and silicon. Adding these elements to the copper-nickel alloy helps create a stronger final product that is resistant to marine biological fouling and reduces erosion caused by abrasion or cavitation in water systems. The combination of copper and nickel also gives this material superior resistance to reducing salts which can corrode other materials over time.

70-30 Copper Nickel Instrumentation Fittings provide various applications, from petrochemical and offshore to chemical and industrial plants. These fittings are specifically designed for resistance in corrosive environments, durability against pressure and temperatures, and excellent strength and solidity. The material's physical properties, like high-temperature oxidation resistance, excellent strength-to-weight ratio, high fatigue strength, and low thermal expansion, ensure a safe, productive working environment. Additionally, these fittings are suitable for welding without any risk of cracking due to their superb hot workability while maintaining their resistance to extreme conditions. High tensile strength and great corrosion resistance, even in highly acidic media, make it an ideal material quality for the most demanding industrial operations.

FAQ's for Copper Nickel 70/30 Instrumentation Fittings

These fittings come in various sizes, including 1/8" to 2".

These fittings can be used for a wide range of instrumentation applications, including hydraulic and pneumatic lines and fuel injection lines.

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