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Copper Nickel 70/30 Nipple Pipe Fittings are often used for industrial and non-industrial applications because of their heat and corrosion-resistive materials. As their name implies, the fittings are composed of a combination of copper and nickel and other necessary materials like iron and manganese. The alloy's copper greatly helps strengthen the fabric, while the nickel adds resistance to seawater corrosion and brine. In addition, this unique combination allows for extreme resistance to stress-corrosion cracking when compared to competing alloys. Copper Nickel 70/30 Fittings are a reliable, long-lasting solution for pipe installations in many environments and industries.

70/30 Copper Nickel Nipple Pipe Fittings have many uses in the marine and commercial industries due to their superior corrosion-resistant properties. They are highly recommended for salty water piping applications, as they have a higher resistance to pitting, erosion and galvanic corrosion than other copper alloys. Also, these pipe fittings are often used in freshwater, gasoline and hydraulic systems as they provide superior resistance to stress-corrosion cracking. Furthermore, these fittings demonstrate reliable performance at high temperatures and pressures up to 300F. In conclusion, this type of fitting is beneficial in harsh environments where other materials tend to be inadequate.

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