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Copper Nickel 70/30 Nuts

Copper nickel 70/30 nuts offer high corrosion resistance, especially in marine waters. These nuts are manufactured with 70 % copper and 30% nickel, making them suitable for various engineering works. It is a widely used engineered nut for an aqueous environment. It is wholly designed for complicated work where no other nuts stand. ASTM B151 and MILC15726F are the expected standards of this nut. Hex, square, acorn, and dome are the familiar shape of nuts heads in which they are manufactured. For different engineering works, all the dimensions are manufactured. Many industrial jobs acquire particular dimensions; it is also manufactured according to the requirement of clients.

Advantages of using copper-nickel nuts

Production of these screws is done with the help of advanced machinery, which reduce the chances of damage to threads. Only pure and high-quality raw materials are used for production. Better accuracy of dimensions makes these nuts a better option for industrial use. When packaging, all the nuts are inspected manually by a professional. Cu ni 70 30 nuts are the best option for your engineering purpose.

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