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Washer is the thin plate along with the hole and it could be normally used to distribute load of the threaded fasteners like nut or screw. Copper nickel washer plays an important role in most of the applications such as aerospace, nuclear power, energy industry, electronics, petrochemical, chemical industry, motor industry and valve. It is specified in the heat condenser or heat exchanger tubes in vast varities of the marine applications. When it comes to the copper nickel 70/30 washer testing then it includes macro test, hardness test, positive material identification, radiography test, ultra sonic test, eddy current testing and impact test.


The best supplier can understand importance of the package and they can offer international shipments to their clients. The best supplier can pack their goods in different ways based on the products such as wooden pallets, shrink wrapped, wooden boxes and wooden crates. Highly qualified and experienced company can manufacture premium quality of the washer. You can customize shape and size of the washer based on your desire. Washer might be used in the rotating applications as bearing.

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