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Copper Nickel 90 10 180 Degree Elbow Pipe Fittings are composed of 90% copper and 10% nickel. Unlike other types of pipe fittings, copper-nickel unions offer superior strength and resistance to corrosion. This makes them a popular choice for applications involving seawater or firewater systems and industrial processes in which harmful chemicals are used. The copper-nickel ratio also ensures that the fittings can withstand extremely high temperatures without deteriorating or deforming. In fact, these fittings have been known to last up to 30 years without needing any maintenance or repair work done on them. Combined with these qualities, these elbow fittings are ideal for many commercial and industrial purposes.

90 10 Copper Nickel 180-degree elbow pipe fittings are a versatile piping option for many industrial and residential uses. They are specifically designed to transport fluids and gases most efficiently. The alloy combination of 90% copper and 10% nickel is an excellent choice for increased corrosion resistance with environmental exposure, especially in saltwater applications. In addition to being highly resistant to salt water and other elements, Copper Nickel 90 10 180-degree elbow pipe fittings also have superior tensile strength and ductility. This allows them to be shaped into different angles as needed, making them great for tight corners or curves while simultaneously expanding their durability. Copper Nickel 90 10 180-degree elbow pipe fittings have longevity, strength, and corrosion resistance, making them a smart choice for any application.

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