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Copper Nickel 90/10 90-degree long radius elbow pipe fittings are made of an alloy of 90% copper and 10% nickel. This mixture provides the perfect properties to handle extreme temperatures, corrosive environments, water circulation applications, and other extremely stressful conditions. It is highly resistant to acidic compounds and chlorides, making it a great choice for use in areas with much saltwater exposure. This material also has excellent electrical conductivity, making it ideal for electric power systems and similar applications that require highly conductive metals. The combination of its durability and corrosion resistance make Copper Nickel 90/10 90-degree long radius elbow pipe fittings a great choice for many industries.

CN 90 10 90 long radius elbow pipe fittings are widely used in marine and industrial applications due to the variety of properties they offer. These fittings can withstand extreme temperatures, making them ideal for water and oil transportation. They also possess excellent fire and pressure resistance and resist corrosion caused by saltwater, chemicals and other environmental factors. They are easy to install, further increasing their versatility in various applications. In addition, these pipe fittings retain the heat needed for some cooling processes while playing a small role in eliminating electrical currents. With resilient strength and durability, copper-nickel 90 10-long radius elbow pipe fittings provide a cost-effective piping solution that benefits companies within many industries.

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