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Copper Nickel 90 10 Concentric Reducer Pipe Fittings are plumbing fittings that join two pipes of different diameters. The chemical composition of this fitting is mainly composed of 90% copper with 10% nickel. This combination provides superior corrosion resistance, pressure rating and temperature stability over conventional brass or steel piping systems. It also has excellent strength, making it both durable and long-lasting, making it an ideal choice for marine applications in coastal environments where corrosion is an issue. In addition, Copper Nickel 90/10 fittings are easier to work with than other metals due to their malleability and higher melting point, allowing easy installation without special tools or welding.

90 10 Copper Nickel Concentric Reducer Pipe Fittings are widely used in heat exchangers and condenser systems. Made of copper-nickel alloy with good corrosion resistance and excellent machinability, this type of pipe fitting offers superior mechanical strength compared to other alloys. It also has excellent weldability and can withstand various temperatures, such as those encountered in high-pressure systems. The properties of this pipe fitting make it highly durable, with excellent leak tightness and flange closure. Furthermore, it is resistant to seawater, which is critical for seawater cooling systems in industrial machines. This type of pipe fitting can also be formed without annealing, making it ideal for quick assembly processes.

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