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The Copper-Nickel 90-10 Flanges are high oxidation resisting Flanges that are extensively used in high-temperature levels. The Cupronickel 90-10 Flanges and Fittings have good fabric-ability and thermal stability, which helps these Flanges to be in consumption in high-pressure applications. These flanges are very good at resisting seawater corrosion because they contain a significant quantity of manganese and iron. The Copper-Nickel 90-10 Flanges and Fittings also offer high resistivity against stress corrosion cracking. They also contain the addition of niobium, manganese, and Chromium which improves the corrosion resistance and strength of the flanges. These Flanges have high formability, which enables them to be manufactured in a variety of Flange Faces.

The Copper-Nickel 90-10 Flanges are very popular in the industry because of their low cost and low maintenance. They offer excellent resistivity against oxidation from moist air and steam, which makes them ideal for outdoor applications. These Copper-Nickel 90-10 Flanges and Fittings are used for applications in a variety of industries. They are used in Seawater applications in seawater condenser systems and desalination plants. They are also used by Marine Industries in oil rig platforms and seawater intake screens. condenser tubes, Offshore firewater systems, and Seawater pipework are some of the other applications of the Cupronickel 90-10 Flanges and Fittings


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