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Also known as cupronickel, Copper Nickle 90/10 Valves are resistant to corrosion and also inherently resistant to macro fouling. These valves have good tensile strength with excellent ductility when annealed, its thermal conductivity and expansion characteristics are amenable for heat exchangers and condensers. It can withstand cryogenic temperature due to its high thermal conductivity and ductility.


What are the properties of Copper Nickel 90/10 Valves?

It is beneficial for antimicrobial touch surface properties, they are used for mechanical and electrical equipment, medical equipment, jewelry item, zippers and as materials for strings for string instruments. They have interesting physical properties, good mechanical properties – even under high temperature they perform in a surprising manner.


These are used for many different purposes and are versatile in nature because of its changing thermal conductivity and ductility. From huge plant houses to factories they serve for making equipment in medical sector and also mechanical sector. Its size ranges from 1/8” to 16”

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