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Copper nickel flat washer is having tensile hardness, fatigue and creep features which could be abstracted from original literature. It is mostly specified within shipbuilding, marine, chemical, offshore and petrochemical industries. In fact copper nickel 90/10 washer is mostly used to handle seawater in all kinds of the cooling plant and heat exchanger. It could be the perfect mixture of the 25% nickel and 75% copper. It comes in different kinds of the sizes and shapes so you might choose best one based on your needs. It is the low resistivity alloy which could be used at the temperature which range up to 570 Degree Fahrenheit.


Massive numbers of the washers are available lock washer, split washer, flat washer and sealing washer. Each washer is having unique features and advantages. Some of the comes with the test certificate such as raw material certificate, hundred percentages radiography test report and third party inspection report. High quality of the washer must meets some quality tests like hardness test, tensile of area, positive material identification, chemical analysis, pitting resistance test and intergranular corrosion test.

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