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DIN 2.0872

Copper Nickel Din 2 0872 Pipe Fittings are made with a unique combination of materials that makes them highly durable and corrosion resistant. At its core, the fittings are composed of copper, nickel, and iron. Copper is known for its resistance to erosion, while nickel serves as a shield from seawater corrosion, protecting the fittings from pitting. The iron combines softness and resilience to ensure that the fittings remain functional even in extreme conditions. In addition to these three materials, trace amounts of manganese and silicon may also be present depending on the manufacturer's specifications. Benefiting from this ideal mix of metals, Copper Nickel Din 2 0872 Pipe Fittings can last much longer than other types of pipe connectors on the market today.

Din 2 0872 Copper nickel pipe fittings are an excellent choice for marine and other corrosive environments due to their extreme corrosion resistance. They possess excellent formability and strength characteristics, making them ideal for plumbing, tanks, heat exchangers, fire protection systems, and many other applications. Copper nickel Din pipe fittings 2 0872 are resistant to various acids, including those commonly found in salt water; they offer superior impact resistance and flexibility, good thermal conductivity, electrical resistivity, and a low coefficient of friction. These properties make them suitable for applications requiring extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals. Furthermore, they are weldable, flange-able, and can be threaded with ease.

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