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DIN 2.0882

Copper Nickel Din 2 0882 Flanges are plumbing flanges constructed with a higher percentage of copper than other types. These Flanges are composed mainly of Cu (Copper) 90%, Fe (Iron) ≤ 0.5%, Mn ≤ 3%, Pb(Lead) ≤ 0.05%, Sn (Tin) ≤ 0.5%, and Ni (Nickel) 8% to 10%. This composition makes these flanges highly corrosion resistant, particularly suitable for seawater applications and locations exposed to extremely corrosive environmental conditions. Copper Nickel Turbulence Flanges also has excellent thermal conductivity, ease of fabrication, low magnetic permeability, and enhanced strength due to their nickel content, alongside its unique blend of material properties and superior levels of performance that continues to make it one of the most sought-after materials for high-end industrial applications today.

Copper Nickel flanges (Din 2 0882) are commonly utilized in plumbing and require special considerations to ensure proper installation. These flanges have many advantages, high resistance against corrosion, minimum maintenance requirements, and lesser susceptibility to external factors like temperature, pressure, etc. They also have better flexibility, allowing them to be used in places with frequent movement or dynamic loading applications. Copper Nickel flanges can withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as those found in coastal areas or any other atmosphere with a high chloride content in the air. This makes them ideal for marine applications and piping systems near saltwater bodies or coastlines. Furthermore, these flanges possess tensile strength and excellent thermal properties giving them an upper edge over many other materials used for pipe fittings and related tasks.

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