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DIN 2.0882

Copper Nickel Din 2 0882 valves contain a combination of copper and nickel elements, with a ratio of approximately 55-45. These valves create an alloy that offers superior corrosion resistance in high saline atmospheres compared to standard carbon steel. This combination of elements also grants extra strength, ductility, and formability to these valves, making them an ideal choice for seawater applications such as desalination plants and tankers carrying fuel oil or petroleum products. The copper can even act as a barrier against oxygen, making the product even more reinforced from damage due to wear, disintegration, and pitting corrosion.

Copper Nickel Din 2 0882 valves are high-performance devices that offer excellent resistance to erosion and corrosion. These valves can be safely used in various industrial or chemical environments and marine settings since they are resistant to seawater and other chemical exposure. These valves also provide accurate flow rate control, making them ideal for applications where precise outputs are essential. With their integrated back pressure relief, Copper Nickel Din 2 0882 valves help protect downstream systems from excessive pressure levels while maintaining consistent work. Durability is one of the most vital features of this valve type, ensuring long life cycles with minimal maintenance requirements. Copper Nickel valves Din 2 0882  have become increasingly popular due to their affordability, availability, and effectiveness in controlling fluid systems.

FAQ's for Copper Nickel DIN 2.0882 Valves

Copper Nickel Din 2 0882 Valves are metal alloy valves composed of copper and nickel, designed for strength, corrosion resistance and heat conductivity.

Copper Nickel Din 2 0882 Valves are used in many applications, including plumbing, chemical engineering and industrial piping systems.

It Varies, But Generally It Is Around INR 250/Kg To INR 300/Kg

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