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Copper Nickel Nuts

Copper Nickel Nuts, commonly known as Toni-nuts, are a type of fastener primarily used in marine, offshore and subsea industries due to their inherent corrosion resistance. They are often referred to as self-locking nuts due to their resistance against loosening when exposed to vibration and rotation. Copper Nickel Nuts are made from an alloy composed of 65% copper, 20% nickel and 15% iron which gives them the aforementioned corrosion resistance compared to other fasteners. Their composition also increases their mechanical strength for a given size or can reduce the size and material costs relative to other species of nuts. Copper Nickel Nuts have become indispensable in applications that need reliable components due to their resilience against hazardous liquids or gasses from seawater or other aquatic elements.

Copper nickel nuts provide many advantages in use, offering superior corrosion resistance even in highly saline and acidic environments. Employed in all sorts of marine applications such as chemical plants, naval ships and refill stations, they offer an excellent level of strength while also maintaining their corrosion-resistance properties to great depths underwater. Additionally, improving the primary details needed for safe operation: thread fit, fatigue strength, corrosion protection and high-temperature stability. In land-based operations, CuNi nuts can be used for equipment operating in extremely wet or chemical-treated environments with great success - all the while finding utility due to its convenient availability on a global scale. Copper nickel nuts are versatile and usable enough for any application requiring resistance against uncompromising environments.

FAQ's for Copper Nickel Nuts

Copper nickel nuts typically come in sizes ranging from 4-40 to 1/2-13 but can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Copper nickel nuts have a pressure rating of up to 3200 psi, depending on the size and composition of the nut.





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