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Copper Nickel Screw

Copper Nickel Screws are made from a combination of copper and nickel, along with a combination of zinc and tin. This alloy is most popular due to its rust and corrosion resistance properties, making it highly resistant to seawater and other salty environments. The composition of Copper Nickel Screws makes them extremely resilient to extreme temperatures for use in cold climates and a preferred fastener in industrial operations where high heat is present. A bonus is a self-locking mechanism which provides added security against accidental loosening when tightened into place. With such superior physical characteristics, Copper Nickel Screws are an ideal fastener for many applications due to their versatility and resistance to environmental factors.

Copper Nickel Screws are a great solution for marine and wet environment applications due to the superior corrosion resistance of the copper-nickel alloy. These screws feature an excellent balance between strength and ductility and can be easily formed to fit tight space requirements, making them suitable for various applications. Additionally, these screws have increased electrical conductivity, serving as reliable materials for industrial electrical, telecommunications and other related industries. Copper-nickel alloys offer superb weld-ability, and during machining processes, copper-nickel screws typically produce fine chips, which minimize machine cleaning. This makes them an ideal choice for frequent disassembly or repair jobs due to their low cost compared to stainless steel fasteners with similar properties.

FAQ's for Copper Nickel Screw

The Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN) Code for copper-nickel screws is 73079910.

Copper nickel screws can be welded using a variety of methods, including oxy-fuel, shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), and gas metal arc welding (GMAW). Depending on the size and degree of thickness of the copper-nickel screws, different welding techniques may be required.

No, copper-nickel screws are not magnetic. The combination of metals used in their construction makes them nonmagnetic.



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