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Copper Nickel Stud Bolts

Copper Nickel Stud Bolts are made up of a combination of two ferrous metals, copper and nickel. The proportions of the alloy used vary depending on the intended application and environmental conditions. Typically, these stud bolts will contain between 55-65% copper and 45-35% nickel, with trace elements such as manganese, iron and silicon making up the total composition. These metals must be combined to form an alloy with added strength compared to pure copper or nickel alone. The end result is a stud bolt with excellent chemical stability that can cope well in even the most demanding corrosive environment.

Copper Nickel Stud Bolts have several commercially useful properties, making them a popular and reliable choice for structural and industrial applications. They possess excellent corrosion resistance in saltwater applications, and their density is low, allowing for a greater strength-to-weight ratio. Furthermore, they are highly resistant to pitting, erosion and stress corrosion cracking while also providing exceptional hot workability. These stud bolts are easily weldable and formable with traditional methods, making them an ideal addition to various construction projects requiring flexible resilience. Finally, these studs are often used in electrical grids and devices due to their excellent electrical conductivity.

FAQ's for Copper Nickel Stud Bolts

Copper nickel stud bolts are highly corrosion resistant, as copper-nickel alloys contain 10-30% of copper and nickel. In fact, they can resist corrosion even in harsh environments such as salt water and acid baths.

The HSN Code for Copper Nickel Stud Bolts is 74153900. It is a harmonized code used for goods classification, developed and maintained by the World Customs Organization (WCO). This code helps to facilitate international trade by providing a universal coding system.

Copper nickel stud bolts typically come in 3/8”, 7/16”, 1/2”, 5/8'', and 3/4'' sizes. Other custom-made sizes are also available upon request.



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