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UNS C70600

The chemical composition of copper-nickel UNS C70600 electrodes comprises some of the essential elements required for boosting overall current-carrying capacity. These include copper, nickel, and impurities such as phosphorus, zinc, and manganese. In its purest form, this alloy contains 88.3% pure copper and 10.5% pure nickel, with a balanced amount of other metals making up the rest of its composition. This combination makes Copper Nickel UNS C70600 ideal for products with higher than usual performance required by standard specifications like ASTM B151 or ASME SB466. As such, these electrodes can resist any eruption caused due to temperature changes while ensuring better anti-corrosion support to whatever they are attached to.

Copper Nickel UNS C70600 Electrodes are popular for many industrial and commercial applications due to their impressive features and benefits. The electrodes combine copper's corrosion resistance with nickel's strength and durability, making them reliable and long-lasting. This metallic combination also contributes to their excellent electrical conductivity, making them ideal for electrical component operations such as welding in various settings. Additionally, these electrodes can be employed in construction materials where they exert anti-fouling properties that ward off corroding agents more effectively than other metals. With all these highly desirable qualities, it's no wonder UNS C70600 Copper Nickel Electrodes remain one of the most sought-after metals on the market.

FAQ's for Copper Nickel UNS C70600 Electrodes

The Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN) code for these electrodes is 8801 30 00.

Copper Nickel UNS C70600 Electrodes are highly resistant to corrosion and rusting, making them ideal for long-term use in demanding industrial settings.

Generaly, Copper Nickel UNS C70600 Electrodes Price Ranges From INR 2000/Kg To INR 2750/Kg

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