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Copper Sheet

A copper Sheet is a thin, flat sheet of copper used for various construction, manufacturing and decoration types. It is available in several thicknesses ranging from very thin foil to thick plate. The composition of copper sheets varies depending on their purity level. Still, typically, it consists primarily (>95%) of elemental copper with trace amounts (<5%) of zinc, tin and other impurities, which are added during production to change the properties such as electrical conductivity or corrosion resistance.

Copper sheets are an incredibly versatile material used in various medical, electrical, and fabrication applications. They offer excellent thermal & electrical conductivity, malleability, formability and solderability. They also offer superior corrosion resistance, which makes them ideal for use in coastal areas or other environments where exposure to corrosive elements is high. Furthermore, they are non-magnetic and have relatively low friction, making them ideal for sliding surfaces such as bearings and gears.

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