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Copper Washer

Copper washers are a fastener often used in plumbing, automotive and construction applications. They have a long-standing reputation for high performance due to their tensile strength and durability. Regarding their chemical composition, copper washers are typically made from 99% pure copper, giving them characteristic strength and corrosion resistance. This highly pure copper is then alloyed with a small amount of zinc which helps further enhance its flexibility, hardness and tensile strength. Copper washers provide a superior fastener ideal for all structural repair jobs. ASTM, IS, and DIN is standards that are considered at the time of production of washers. It comes with different grades to easily fit into your assemblies. You can also request any other sizes for your business.

Copper washers are standard, practical devices used in many applications. Their primary purpose is to provide a secure seal when two surfaces are connected with the aid of a threaded fastener. Copper washers also act as shock absorbers, reducing vibrations and lessening any chance of abrasion or damage between components. Additionally, they offer thermal insulation since copper is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, allowing it to collect and dissipate electric current across its surface. This makes them especially useful in damp or moist environments, where they will prevent potential electrical leakage due to condensation on metal surfaces.

A copper Washer is used to apply electronics, piping, and household products. Lastly, copper washers have corrosion-resistant properties, which makes them long-lasting and durable solutions for sealing parts together securely and safely.

There are several copper washers, including plain copper washers, split copper washers, copper compression washers, metric copper washers, copper flat washers, copper sealing washers, copper shim washers, and toothed copper washers.

Benefits of using Copper Washers

These are available in hex, square, acorn, and T shapes. This varies in different diameters for flexible fittings in fasteners. Using these washers, you gain an excellent surface finish. Trained workers manually inspected the final washers so any defective washers would not reach you. These are easily tightened by the standard spanner and ratchets. Packing is done in wooden boxes, so washers are not damaged during delivery.

FAQ's for Copper Washer

Copper washers are often used in plumbing, automotive and general engineering applications due to their strong resistance to corrosion. They also provide a good seal between two surfaces and help prevent leakage or seepage.

The pressure rating for copper washers can vary depending on the specific application. Generally, copper washers are designed to withstand pressures up to 2000 psi (136 bar)

The Price Range For Copper Washer Products Is ₹650 To ₹800 Per Kilogram.

The HSN code of the copper washer is 7415

Annealing copper washers involves heating them up to around 700-800°C (1292-1472°F) in a furnace or kiln, holding them at that temperature for an hour and then allowing them to cool down slowly inside the furnace. This process makes the copper washers softer and more pliable.



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