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Corten B

These Corrosion Resistant Corten B plates are made with similar alloys of steel but are a very lightweight product. These plates are used in weather resistance where chances of corrosion possibility are very high. Due to their light weight, they are easy to use and could be welded easily depending on one’s need and requirements. They are even capable of passing electricity through them which make it mechanically reliable. Due to their specific properties, these plates are available for uses in gas range burning rings, display racks, office furniture and at those places where corrosion resistance is important at affordable prices.



To have it internationally specified these plates are ASTM and ASME specified with various grades. To meet size requirements of every customer these plates are available in thickness of 2mm to 460mm and width of 1500-3200mm along with a length of 6000mm to 12000mm. apart from it, if you have any other size requirements those are also made available by special ordering system.


Now you know all about Corrosion Resistant Corten B plates so purchase them only from the trusted source like us. Because we provide quality and certified products.

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