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This Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 Screw is made to be used in all the chemical environments. They provide high resistance from many chemicals such as sulfide stress corrosion and even an atmosphere of chloride. These screws are used in industries of chemical, oil and gas, automobiles, petrochemicals, food, paper etc. These screws are made from the best raw materials and under the guidance of expert guidance. Due to this, these screws can be used in high-temperature conditions as well without failure.


Specifications and sizes-

To ensure that screws are used in all the international market they are provided with specifications of international standards. They have a specification of ASTM A 479 and ASME SA 479. Then these screws are also specified with standards of ISO, EN, GB, JIN and all other international standards to meet all the standards. When it comes to the size they have a size range of M3 to M56 and length range of 3mm to 200mm. And if you need any other size then you can place a custom size order to meet all your requirements.  So do not waste time and buy Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 Screw from us today.

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