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There are the integral parts of the duplex 2205 fasteners available such as stud bolts, set screws, bolts, washers and also nuts. Whenever you are particularly considering the duplex stainless steel 2205 washer, it will be greatly beneficial for the different types of the critical industrial applications usually in the hostile environments. Almost all types of the 2205 stainless steel washers will provide the never ending supply and exceptional range of service to the different applications such as valve or nuclear, sea water, offshore which is buoyancy & petrochemical, pump and anything.


This washer product can be found in the different standards such as ANSI, DIN and JIS. As per your applications, you can choose any one of these standard 2205 washer in the stainless steel material. At the same time, it also has a very good corrosion resistance along with the maximum strength to all the applications. If you are considering the size of this washer, it might be from M02 to M30 for the different applications. The length will be 3 mm to 200 mm along with the specifications including BS, IS and ASTM.

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