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Duplex Steel Electrodes

Duplex steel electrodes are consumable electrodes used in shielded metal arc welding. They are composed of a mixture of chromium, nickel and other trace elements. In combination, these elements provide the duplex material with excellent mechanical properties such as high corrosion resistance, greater strength and uniform ductility. By engineering the electrode's composition, the mechanical and corrosion characteristics can be tailored to meet specific requirements for applications like piping, tanks, heat exchangers, marine structures and pressure vessels. Duplex steel electrodes provide an ideal solution for operations requiring short welds that need to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Duplex steel electrodes have exceptional toughness and wear resistance compared to other electrodes, making them highly useful in industrial-scale welding projects. They are also highly malleable and versatile, capable of joining different grades of steel. Unlike other welding supplies, Duplex steel electrodes can be used in hostile high-temperature environments without fail and come with excellent corrosion resistance properties. The arc produced by these electrodes is smooth with good welding penetration and low spatter, enabling effective welds for both manual as well as mechanised welding operations. Duplex steel electrodes provide superior performance and reliability for heavy-duty work, ensuring a safe job and durable results.

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