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Duplex steel s31803 bolts are composed of an alloy combination of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum, which gives them great strength and corrosion resistance. Compared to regular stainless steel, duplex steel s31803 bolts have greater levels of chromium and less carbon, providing improved mechanical properties with roughly twice the yield strength. Furthermore, high temperatures generally increase the strength of these particular bolts even more, allowing engineers to be sure that their projects stand the test of time. Ultimately, duplex steel s31803 bolts provide an outstanding balance between cost efficiency and durability.

Duplex steel S31803 full-thread bolts are among the highest-strength fastening solutions available today. These bolts offer superior weathering and corrosion resistance, which is particularly useful for outdoor and coastal applications. S31803 offers twice the strength of standard austenitic stainless steel and excellent resistance to chloride stress-corrosion cracking, pitting, and crevice corrosion. Moreover, these bolts have a high flexibility that makes them ideal for applications that require forming or welding of parts (do check our UNS S31803 electrodes for your welding work), as they can be stretched to fit in place without breaking or cracking. With these properties combined, S31803 duplex steel bolts provide superior functionality and reliability in any application.

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