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B16 is a critical chemical found in Duplex steel screws S31803. It is an alloy blend of chromium, nickel and molybdenum, all designed to provide superior corrosion protection, greater strength and higher heat tolerance. This particular mixture is melted at much higher temperatures than other screws and has shorter cooling times. Combining these elements creates a more robust and lightweight product that is ideal for many different applications, especially those requiring reliable results under demanding conditions. Its unique blend of traits ensures that the screw will last much longer than traditional metal screws, making it the perfect choice for residential and industrial projects.

Duplex Steel S31803 Screw are highly versatile fasteners often used for applications that require excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, and temperature stability. They perform exceptionally well in hostile environments such as seawater, acidic and essential solutions, and chlorides. Beyond the sheer power and chemical resistance of S31803 Duplex Steel Screw, another benefit is their extremely long life expectancy due to their low thermal expansion coefficient. This makes them great for structural installations where vibration or humidity can cause repeated movement damage. Additionally, their unique properties of combined ferrite-austenite hardness are excellent for various industries, including petrochemical, power engineering, chemical fertilizers, nuclear reactors and desalination plants.

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