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S31803 Duplex Steel Sheet is composed of high-alloy stainless steel that contains 22% chromium, 3% molybdenum, and 5-6% nickel. This combination creates an excellent balance of better corrosion resistance and strength that makes it suitable for various applications, such as petrochemical, marine environments, and food processing. Its unique chemical composition results in double-phase characteristics, allowing the precision engineering of mechanical properties while maintaining good weldability and formability - optimizing the cost/performance ratio. With higher tensile strength than regular stainless steel grades, Duplex Steel S31803 Sheet offers superior performance amongst its grade category with enhanced corrosion protection from recognized industrial standards.

Duplex Steel S31803 Sheet is an immensely versatile material, providing high levels of mechanical performance and ease of fabrication. It offers excellent corrosion resistance, so it is often used in various chemical and marine engineering applications for paper production. The exceedingly strong combination of yield strength, tensile strength and stress-corrosion cracking resistance make this sheet ideal for actions where these properties are paramount, such as boilers, contractors and heat exchangers. Moreover, the impact toughness at -50°C makes Duplex Steel Sheets unbeatable in cryogenic environments. Overall, the high levels of durability provided by Duplex Steel S31803 Sheet render it essential for many industries worldwide.

FAQ's for Duplex Steel S31803 Sheet and Plates

Duplex Steel S31803 Sheet Start From Rs. 250/Kilogram To Rs. 350/Kilogram

Duplex Steel S31803 Sheet is not magnetic due to its duplex microstructure which contains both ferritic and austenitic phases. This makes it suitable for use in non-magnetic applications.

Yes, Duplex Steel S31803 Sheet is known for its corrosion resistance properties due to its high chromium and molybdenum content. It also has a duplex microstructure which improves resistance to stress corrosion cracking and pitting. It is suitable for use in harsh environments, including marine and chemical processing applications.

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