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S32205 10D Duplex Steel Pipe Bend Pipe Fittings are a highly corrosion-resistant alloy made with a 22% chromium, 4.5–6.5% nickel, 3.0–3.5% molybdenum and 0.14–0.2% nitrogen content. These unique chemical elements allow for an extraordinary level of strength and superior integrity – making it optimal for use in extreme environments outdoors and indoors alike – while maintaining its flexibility and cost-efficiency benefits over other commonly used materials such as stainless steel or carbon steel fittings.

Duplex Steel S32205 10D Pipe Bend Pipe Fittings is a solid and reliable type of pipe fitting. It has superior mechanical properties than regular alloy steel, allowing it to withstand extreme temperatures without damaging its structural integrity. The high-grade metallurgical makeup makes it highly resistant to corrosion, leading to its everyday use in various chemical processing applications like oil refineries, chemical plants, and seawater systems. This fitting exhibits an excellent combination of strength and toughness with excellent tensile and yield strengths, making it ideal for pressure vessel components and other high-stress applications. Finally, the duplex microstructure provides good fracture toughness, fatigue strength, and excellent fabrication properties. These features make Duplex Steel S32205 10D Pipe Bend a practical choice for general engineering projects, especially in industrial settings.

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