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S32205 Duplex Steel Pipes are composed of a ferrite-austenite stainless steel alloy. This alloy composition comprises around 22% chromium, 6% nickel, 3% molybdenum, and other small amounts of manganese, nitrogen, silicon, and carbon. As a certified duplex-grade steel material, it contains excellent mechanical properties, improved tensile strength, and suitable corrosion resistance properties. It also features good weldability characteristics combined with coarser Austenitic grain size.

Duplex Steel S32205 Pipes are gaining popularity and can be found in many different applications. Due to the superior properties of these pipes, they are highly resistant to corrosion, making them an ideal choice for industries dealing with aggressive chemicals or seawater exposure. In addition, their superior strength means they require fewer wall thicknesses than ordinary steel pipes, allowing for increased flow and ease of fabrication. Regarding welding, Duplex Steel S32205 Pipes don't require preheating and boast fast cooling times, which helps reduce grinding time and costs. Furthermore, the non-magnetic properties of this pipe make it an excellent choice for medical equipment and devices such as MRI scanners. All in all, Duplex Steel S32205 Pipes are versatile and offer enhanced safety and economic advantages for industries short on space and money.

Chemical Composition of Duplex Steel S32205 Pipes:

Explore S32205 Duplex Steel Pipes Chemical Composition with key elements ensuring corrosion resistance and durability.




4.50 – 6.50


63.72 min


22.0 – 23.0


0.030 max


1.00 max


2.00 max


0.030 max


0.020 max


0.14 – 0.20

Optimal balance of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum in S32205 Duplex Steel ensures superior corrosion resistance.

Mechanical Properties of S32205 Duplex Steel Pipes:

Discover the robust mechanical strength of S32205 Duplex Steel Pipes through key performance indicators in this table.

Density (g/cm 3)7.805
Density (lb/in 3)0.285
Melting Point (°C)1420 – 1465
Melting Point (°F)2588 – 2669;


S32205 Duplex Steel Pipes exhibit exceptional mechanical strength, making them ideal for demanding applications with reliability.

Physical Properties of S32205 Duplex Steel Pipes:

Explore the intrinsic characteristics of S32205 Duplex Steel Pipes through key physical properties outlined in this table.

 Density lbm/in3Electrical Resistivity mW•inThermal Conductivity (BTU/hr•ft•°F)Heat Capacity BTU/lbm•°FElectrical Resistivity (in x 10-6)
at 68°F0.27827.68.70.11233.5
at 212°F
at 392°F
at 572°F 24.910.40.13439.4

S32205 Duplex Steel Pipes showcase favorable physical properties, ensuring durability and suitability for diverse industrial applications.

FAQ's for Duplex Steel S32205 Pipes

Duplex Steel S32205 Pipes Start From Rs. 350/Kilogram To Rs. 500/Kilogram

No, Duplex Steel S32205 Pipes are non-magnetic as they are made up of austenitic and ferritic stainless steel.

Yes, duplex steel S32205 pipes are highly corrosion resistant due to their high chromium, molybdenum, and nitrogen content. This material is highly resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion, and is also resistant to chloride stress corrosion cracking.

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