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Duplex Steel S32205 Stub, End Pipe Fittings, contain high chromium and molybdenum content and copper, nickel and nitrogen for increased corrosion resistance. This mixture of chemical elements gives the steel superior mechanical properties, including high strength and excellent resistance to both pitting and stress corrosion cracking. The alloy also offers good weldability, formability, and toughness in both low-temperature and cryogenic applications. Its combination of properties makes it highly suitable for many industrial applications, offering a strong yet lightweight solution that can be modified to suit specific needs.

Duplex Steel S32205 Stub Ends are essential pipe fittings that boast a variety of uses in the industrial sector. These pipe fittings, in particular, are composed of super duplex grade stainless steel, which means that they are extremely resistant to corrosion and very durable, making them ideal for applications requiring those features. This makes them a highly sought-after feature for process piping of offshore platforms, pulp & paper mills, and chemical industries. Moreover, they contain high molybdenum content that has excellent resistance to erosion-corrosion by chlorides. The Duplex Steel S32205 also comes with high chromium content, ensuring it can tolerate most acids and other corrosive media. Its combined features also result in an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and make it far superior to standard austenitic grades. With its impressively long-lasting quality and ease of installation, the Duplex Steel S32205 Stub End Pipe Fitting is one of the best options today.

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