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Duplex Steel S32205 Stud Bolts are made of a combination of iron and various chromium, molybdenum and other elements. The typical chemical composition of this type of duplex steel includes 22–23% chromium, 3–5% nickel, 4–6% molybdenum and a small trace amount of nitrogen. This combination produces superior pitting and crevice corrosion resistance in even the most challenging environments. Additionally, with its minimized yield ratio, Duplex Steel S32205 Stud Bolts can easily be cold-worked for improved formability and machinability compared to other steels. All these characteristics make it an ideal material for use as stud bolts or other fasteners in marine applications, oil refineries, desalination plants or any application where salt water is present.

DS S32205 Stud Bolts have many industrial uses due to their stellar combination of strength, corrosion resistance and ductility. These bolts are a very effective resource for joining stainless steel and nickel alloy pipes in the petroleum, oil & gas industries. They also have fantastic impact resistance, making them good-choice fasteners in extreme temperature applications. In addition, they have great fatigue performance - meaning that these stud bolts are far less likely to lose elongation than other materials used in construction. Another key property of Duplex Steel S32205 Stud Bolts is their ability to withstand heat for long periods without losing their superior properties – even when exposed directly to salt water!

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Duplex Steel S32205 Stud Bolts Starts At Rs 11/Piece To Rs 15/Piece

No, duplex steel S32205 stud bolts have excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion compared to other types of metals, making them highly resistant to rusting.

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