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Duplex Steel S32205 Unequal Tee Pipe Fittings comprise incredibly strong and corrosion-resistant ferritic and austenitic stainless-steel microstructures. This combination makes for outstanding mechanical strength and provides high tensile properties with excellent impact values at lower temperatures. The chemical composition is comprised of a balance between 22 per cent chromium, 3 per cent molybdenum, 5 to 6 per cent nickel, low carbon content and nitrogen additions. These components have a unique set of attributes which allow these fittings to excel in applications in highly corrosive environments such as oil and gas production, brackish water piping systems, medical instrumentation and other scenarios where high durability is needed most.

Unequal Tee Pipe Fittings Duplex Steel S32205 offer superior strength and corrosion protection, making them suitable for industrial piping. They can carry highly pressurized liquids and gaseous materials, making them an optimal choice for many industries such as petrochemicals, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, seawater desalination, etc. Additionally, these fittings have superior resistance to stress corrosion cracking, excellent pitting and crevice corrosion resistance due to their high chromium content and good weldability. Highly rust-resistant, these pipe fittings can be used in harsh environments without loss of performance or longevity. Overall, Duplex Steel S32205 Unequal Tee Pipe Fittings are an ideal choice for many industries that require durability and reliability in their piping systems.

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