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Duplex Steel Screw

Duplex steel screws are made of a unique alloy containing 50-70% ferritic and 30-50% austenitic stainless. It is a duplex structure containing both face-centred cubic (FCC) and body-centred cubic (BCC) lattice structures. The combination of these two strong structural lattices renders the screw highly resistant to corrosion, fatigue, pitting, cracking, deformation and a host of other impacts typically seen in full stainless steel. Additionally, duplex steel screws also feature higher tensile and yield strength, imparting them greater mechanical stability than regular austenitic or ferritic stainless alloys due to their increased chromium content and molybdenum in their makeup.

Duplex steel screws are an effective and versatile option for a wide range of applications. Made from a combination of ferrite and austenite, these screws offer exceptional strength and stability. They have high corrosion resistance and can withstand both low temperatures and high pressures quite easily. Duplex steel screws also have excellent weldability, allowing them to be joined together in complex ways depending on project requirements. The flexibility of these screws is further enhanced by their exclusive one-piece design, ensuring easy installation with minimal effort. Ultimately, duplex steel screws provide the ideal secure yet durable fastening solution across many industries and projects.

FAQ's for Duplex Steel Screw

Duplex steel screws are metallic as they are composed of iron, chromium and other metals.

Yes, duplex steel screws are eco-friendly as they are 100% recyclable and do not release any harmful chemicals when disposed of.

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