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UNS S31803

Duplex Steel UNS S31803 is a ferrite-austenite duplex stainless steel alloy composed of chromium, nickel and molybdenum. The material offers a range of advantages such as excellent corrosion resistance, high strength and toughness, good weldability and formability, low thermal expansion and cost savings compared to other stainless steel grades. Its chemical composition generally comprises around 22% Chromium (Cr) between 18 - 21%, 3% Molybdenum (Mo) between 2.5 - 3.5%, 4.5 – 6.5% Nickel (Ni) and other economic elements like manganese, nitrogen and iron in varying proportions that provide superior performance to the electrodes used for various industrial applications.

Due to their outstanding properties, duplex S31803 electrodes are highly demanded within the welding industry. This alloy is austenitic-ferritic stainless steel with high nickel and molybdenum components that give it a high corrosion resistance and strength over a wide temperature range. In addition to this, these electrodes offer exceptional toughness throughout their life cycle. The mechanical properties remain constant in aqueous environments containing chloride and sulfuric acids, making s31803 duplex electrodes ideal for chemical processing plants, pulp and paper mills, and food processing industries. Due to their durability, they have also become especially popular among motorboat building applications, such as propeller shafts, trim tabs and struts. With consistent performance in aggressive exposure conditions and low service temperatures down to cryogenic levels, UNS 31803 Duplex Steel Electrodes are among the most helpful welding materials available.

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