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UNS S32205

Duplex 2205 tube fitting is also called as duplex 2205 instrumentation fittings and it is having precision finishing and high quality fittings. It could be used in vast numbers of the applications in calibration industry, development sectors, pneumatic and research. It is available in vast numbers of the sizes and configurations. It could be made up of the parts which are consisting of the duplex elbow, duplex adapter, duplex cap and duplex back ferrule. Different types of the tube fittings are available like female branch tee, male adapter, reducing union, straight union, union cross and reducer.


If you are looking to buy duplex stainless steel UNS S32205 instrumentation fittings then you must pick trusted and experienced manufacturer because they can only provide high quality of the service to their clients at cheapest price. It comes with fantastic numbers of the features like uniform corrosion, mechanical strength, high energy absorption, thermal expansion and perfect weld ability with the care. You are recommended to choose best manufacturer based on the review. This fitting is having wonderful capability to provide resistance to the corrosion.  

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