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UNS S32205

Duplex Steel UNS S32205 Instrumentation Fittings comprise a unique blend of metals that ensure they can be utilized in various industries. This alloy is formed primarily of chromium (22-23%), nickel (4.5-6.5%), molybdenum (2.5-3.5%) and manganese (1.0-2.0%), alongside minor amounts of silicon, nitrogen and iron giving the alloy 201 an outstanding balance between mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. This composition makes them ideal for fittings used in the oil and gas industry and very popular in desalination systems. Also, their mechanical characteristics remain constant at temperatures over 800°F, allowing them to retain their form during extreme conditions, making this alloy an invaluable tool for instrumentation fittings applications worldwide.

UNS S32205 Instrumentation Fittings Duplex Steel or duplex fittings, are highly versatile fluid-control components with exceptional corrosion resistance and superior strength compared to other alloy metals. These instrumentation fittings can be used in various applications due to their excellent quality. Their weldability feature allows for their use in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical and pharmaceutical processing. Their chloride resistance also makes them ideal for use in seawater and saltwater systems. The combination of properties also makes duplex steel UNS S32205 instrumentation fittings able to withstand extreme temperatures without any significant performance losses. In summary, duplex stainless steel instrumentation fittings stand out from the rest with their versatility, corrosion resistance and ability to endure temperature extremes.

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