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UNS S32205

There are so many numbers of the industrial applications used the duplex stainless steel UNS S32205 washer alloys in order to get the extensive range of benefits. They are most probably used in the form of duplex ferritic and austenitic alloy grade. At the same time, they have extraordinary weldability and can be joined using the popular welding methods. The duplex steel material is used for this washer manufacturing and it has the different specifications which include BS, IS and ASTM.


Whenever you are considering the diverse range of standards of this S32205 SS washer, they include ASME/ASTM – A/SA 479 / 479. It has the minimum size of 3 mm and the maximum size of 200 mm as per your different requirements. The length of this stainless steel washer will be M02 to M30. The significant mechanical properties of the S32205 stainless steel washer include the various important factors such as elongation – 25 % in 50 mm, tensile strength – 621 MPa min, hardness 21 max Rockwell C (HR C) and yield strength – 448 which is 0.2 % proof (MPa) min.

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