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Nowadays so many tools and types of equipment are being used in the field of construction such as pipes, forged, fittings and much more. But the usage of bars is increasing day by day.  There are so many kinds of bars are available. But it is very difficult to choose the right one. You can use Hastelloy B2 Bars. It is the best bars and has high grades. It is made from so many materials such as hastelloy and much more. If you use these bars then you need to know about its features.


Following are the specifications of Hastelloy B2 Bars:


These bars have so many standards such as 1.4550 and 347. The designation of these bars is ASME SA276 and ASTM A276. These bars have so many finish such as black, bright, polish, export bright and much more. The thickness of these bars started from 4.0mm - 100mm. These bars are available in various types such as bright bar, hex bar, round bar, forged bar, square bar, rods, polish bar and much more. The length of these bars is fixing, random and cut length.

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