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Hastelloy B2 EFW Pipes are metallic alloy pipes that are highly resistant to corrosion, have excellent formability, and are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. Consisting of a combination of nickel, molybdenum, chromium, and iron, the pipes are extremely robust, with a yield strength three times higher than that of standard stainless steels. The addition of tungsten further heightens their strength and makes them ideal for welding applications requiring heat and resistance. Additionally, these pipes can be used in oil and gas industries since their chemical composition is antimicrobial, allowing them to withstand resistance to leaking or high toxicity levels. Hastelloy B2 EFW Pipes provide an invaluable solution to various industries due to their exceptional performance.

B2 EFW Hastelloy Pipes are commonly used in elevated-temperature applications such as heat exchangers, condensers, and boilers. Constructed of nickel-molybdenum alloy steel, these pipes possess superior strength and excellent resistance to localized corrosion. They may be found in environments containing oxidizing power or halides like chlorine that normally harm other metals. Their beneficial resistance to hydrochloric acid chloride also makes Hastelloy B2 EFW Pipes The ideal choice for ocean water applications. With a melting point of 1325-1370 degrees Celsius and an approximate thermal coefficient of 9.6 x 10-6 Kelvin -1, Hastelloy B2 can stand up to intense heat levels without compromising its optimal performance or structural performance integrity.

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