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Hastelloy B2 flanges are highly efficient and reliable components for piping systems. They are composed of an alloy of Nickel, Molybdenum and chromium, which gives the flange its unique properties, including excellent mechanical strength, ductility, and formability, as well as outstanding resistance to corrosion from numerous reducing substances like hydrochloric acids, sulfuric acid and nitric acid. Its composition also contributes to the flange’s tenacity in allowing it to be used in extreme temperatures ranging from -423°F (-252.8°C) up to 2300°F (1260°C). With these qualities found in the chemical makeup of Hastelloy B2 flanges, they have become an essential item in many industries involved with gas and liquid transmission, petrochemical plants, oil refining units and more.

B2 Hastelloy flanges are highly demanded in the industrial and engineering industry due to their impressive uses and properties. This alloy provides excellent protection from corrosion in various settings, including chemical process equipment exposed to hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and other aggressive chemicals. Its excellent metallurgical stability makes it an ideal component for high-temperature applications like power/steam generation components. Hastelloy B2 provides plenty of strength and is easily formed into complex shapes by fabrication or machining process with low thermal expansion properties. These features make it the preferred material for areas where mechanical strength and resistance to oxidizing acids are needed.

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