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B2 Hastelloy forged fittings are essential components in pipelines and other mechanical systems as they are incredibly resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. Forged fittings are made from nickel, molybdenum, chromium, iron, and tungsten alloy. Combining these metals makes for a durable and long-lasting product that does not degrade or lose its effectiveness over time. Due to its unique chemical composition, Hastelloy B2 is capable of withstanding extreme conditions, so much so it is used in highly corrosive applications such as nuclear reactors and harsh chemical processes. It's no wonder why Hastelloy B2 forged professionals across many industries around the world trust fittings!

Hastelloy B2 forged fittings are highly durable components made from some of the most robust materials available. This alloy is composed primarily of nickel and molybdenum, with small amounts of chromium and iron making up the remainder of the composition. These metals create a unique combination that offers exceptional resistance to corrosive and high-temperature environments, making Hastelloy B2 forged fittings some of the most challenging and reliable available. Whether you need protection in an industrialized setting or a marine environment, these components will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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