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Hastelloy B2 nuts have outstanding results in corrosive environment. This is the best nuts for engineering and industrial purpose. These are commonly used for bear the stress and pitting cracking. These types of nuts are available in various dimensions according the engineering purpose. These nuts are highly tested for the long term use. Hex head, counter sunk, square and wings are the types of nuts you can purchase from the market. DIN, ASTM, BS are the basic standard size of this nuts. The length would be 3mm to 200mm according to the purpose.


Why to use Hastelloy nuts?


Manufacturers used the high quality raw materials for manufacturing this nut. This reduces the chances of failure of these nuts. Hastelloy B2 nuts are more often used in the industries because of its ultimate strength.  These nuts go through with strict quality test to ensure the best performance of these nuts. Product packaging done with high quality materials to ensure the product would be not damaged at the time of delivery. If you are looking for the quality nuts for the higher assemblies you can trust these nuts.

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