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Hastelloy B2 Seamless Pipes are composed of iron, chromium, and smaller amounts of other metals like molybdenum and manganese. This blend results in a high-performing alloy that has long been used in industrial applications because of its corrosion resistance and strength when exposed to various temperatures. The pipes

have further been developed to include silicon, copper, and carbon, making them especially suited for heat exchangers, pressure vessels, piping systems, and chemical process components. The end product is an alloy pipe capable of withstanding harsh environments while showing signs of improved weldability, durability, and formability compared with comparable materials on the market.

B2 Hastelloy seamless pipes are widely used in various industries due to their high-temperature and corrosion-resistant properties. They show excellent strength and resistance against stress corrosion cracking in hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and phosphoric acid solutions. Additionally, their effectiveness is retained in high temperatures, making them ideal for applications where heating and cooling occur frequently. In addition to this, their ductility makes them easy to handle and form during production without compromising quality or performance. Because of these properties, Hastelloy B2 seamless pipes are often used in petroleum refining plants, petrochemical industries, chemical production factories, and food processing units.

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