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As the industrialization is increasing the need and demand of various equipment is needed in the industries. Hastelloy B2 valves have a special demand in the industrial sector. These valves are highly resistance to corrosion. These are even resistant to hydrochloric acid at all concentration. These valves offer resistance against sulphuric acid and some non-oxidizing acids. These valves offer high durability, excellent quality at low maintenance. The valves are available at different sizes and thickness according to the place where you want to apply them.


The valves are extremely resistant to corrosion and could be used at places where the temperature might increase as high as 800° Celsius. Its durability and welding ability makes it superior than the standard stainless steel. The valves of Hastelloy B2 is used extensively in the pneumatic, railway, hydraulic and research industries. Typically used where there is a need to control the flow and supply of water. These valves could be used handle liquids of high temperature, gases, slurry liquids, liquids containing large particles and liquids of high viscosity. The applications of these valves are too many and its high resistance to any type of corrosion makes it an excellent choice for industrialists.

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