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B2 Hastelloy valves are composed of various alloys of chromium and molybdenum, as well as trace amounts of silicon, tungsten, and iron. This blend of materials results in a corrosion-resistant material that is tough enough to resist cracking while simultaneously limiting the possibility of galvanic corrosion on other metals it might come in contact with. In addition to its chemical composition, Hastelloy B2 has excellent mechanical properties, making it the ideal choice for many applications such as marine engineering, nuclear, oil and gas production, pharmaceuticals, and chemical processing.

Hastelloy B2 valves are highly sought after in the industrial world due to their unique properties. They provide excellent safety and performance in areas where high environmental conditions, including high temperatures and pressures, are present. This rare metal can also be used in many forms, from rods and threaded valves to pipes and flanges, providing greater flexibility for specific applications. Not only do Hastelloy B2 valves possess high ratings for heat and corrosion resistance, but their strength is unrivaled, making them an ideal choice for efficiently handling highly corrosive materials. Additionally, these valves are incredibly resistant to stress corrosion cracking and formic acid explosions, making them essential safety tools for those who deal with hazardous chemicals daily.

FAQ's for Hastelloy B2 Valves

Yes, Hastelloy B2 valves are highly corrosion resistant due to their high molybdenum content, making them an ideal choice for the harsh conditions present in oil and gas applications.

Hastelloy B2 valves offer excellent corrosion resistance, good ductility, and high thermal stability for a wide range of aggressive conditions. They are also highly resistant to stress-corrosion cracking and offer superior weldability and formability.

The best welding type for Hastelloy B2 valves is Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) with high-alloy filler metals. This process ensures the desired metallurgical properties, increases weld strength, and provides higher corrosion resistance when compared to other joining methods.

Hastelloy B2 Valves Starts At Rs 1100/Piece To Rs 1500/Piece

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