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The Hastelloy B2 washer is one of the best austenitic stainless steel with low carbon content. These have a carbon content of 0.10 along with copper to increase its resistance against strong reducing acids like sulphuric acid. It is one of the most versatile washers which are extensively utilized in duplex stainless steel industries of washer family. These washers are reported as a cost-effective option for designing and construction better qualities of nickel as well as titanium. These are known for their excellent workability in extreme working conditions. The top manufacturers and suppliers of Hastelloy provide many benefits, such as long service life that retains an eye-catching finishing at low maintenance charge.


There are many types of Hastelloy B2 Washer available in the market according to their applications. The popular types of washers are square washers, spherical washers, spring washers, lock washers, tap and fender washers etc. The ASTM B574 and ASME SB574 are the main specifications of this type of washers. These are constructed by following all international standards along with BS, DIN, and ASTM. Their size varies from 3mm to 200mm and length from M02 to M33.

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