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Hastelloy B3 10D Pipe Bend Pipe Fittings comprise nickel, molybdenum, chromium, and iron alloys. The nickel content is between 65-70%, the molybdenum content is between 22-28%, the chromium content is around 2.5%, and the iron content varies from a trace element up to 12%. The Hastelloy piping offers superior strength enabling it to withstand harsh environments like high temperatures and corrosive liquids. This material has excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking and general corrosion, as well as formability, making it suitable for various industrial applications. Moreover, they are relatively inexpensive and incredibly durable in extreme conditions, making them an ideal choice when durability is paramount.

B3 10D Hastelloy Pipe Bend Pipe Fittings are optimal choices for constructing complex pipe network systems because of their excellent strength in extreme hot and cold temperatures. They also have superior corrosion resistance to various media, from organic and alkaline solutions to halide and sulfuric acids. Their solvent-welded joints eliminate the need for flanges and bolts, making them ideal for low-pressure shuttle operations such as steam plants and thermal reactors. These properties make Hastelloy B3 10D Pipe Bend Pipe Fittings suitable for use in many diverse areas, including chemical processing plants, automotive exhaust systems, and air conditioning units; additionally, with its extra-fine particle size and high resistance to absolute gas filtering requirements of certain services such as military-grade fuel lines due to its exceptional mechanical properties at both high and low temperatures.

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