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Hastelloy B3 EFW Pipes are composed of a Nickel-Molybdenum-Chromium alloy and contain additions of Tungsten, Iron and Cobalt. This alloy is widely used in many industrial applications due to its superior corrosion resistance and excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking. Hastelloy B3 EFW Pipes possess excellent mechanical properties at high and low-temperature extremes and unique welding characteristics. Adding certain elements, such as Molybdenum, helps increase the material’s resistance to oxidation and decarburisation, proving that this type of pipe is versatile.

B3 Hastelloy EFW Pipes are widely used worldwide for their superior features. These pipes offer excellent corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength, making them ideal for industrial applications that require the lines to be exposed to corrosive environments. Additionally, their extreme temperature capability makes them useful for various processes, from cryogenic conditions to hot liquids, as well as other unique circumstances that may not be possible with conventional piping materials. Beyond process pipework and reactors, Hastelloy B3 EFW pipes can also be used in pressure vessels, valves, pumps and many more engineering structures to ensure years of dependable service.

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