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The Hastelloy B3 Flanges are extremely high corrosion resistant flanges that are designed for applications in several acidic environments. These flanges have improved structural stability when compared to other similar alloy flanges. Hence they are easy to fabricate and weld. The Hastelloy B3 Flanges are ductile and they resist stress corrosion cracking in solutions that contain high chloride amounts. They are also capable of withstanding various fluoride bearing media and concentrated Sulfuric acid. With excellent resistance to pitting, corrosion, the Hastelloy B3 Flanges also offer superior thermal stability. They are known to maintain their ductility even during exposures to intermediate temperatures.

The Hastelloy B3 Flanges are reliable for applications in several reducing environments that contain pure hydrochloric, hydro-bromic, and sulfuric acids. They also exhibit excellent resistance to non-oxidizing media such as phosphoric, acetic and formic acids. The Hastelloy B3 Flanges are widely sued in piping systems in non-oxidizing environments. Some of the industries that use Hastelloy B3 Flanges in their applications are Chemical manufacturing industries, Specialty chemical industries, and Gas processing industries. They are also used in industries for the manufacturing of insecticides and herbicides. Some of the other applications are found in the industries that are involved in the production of high-octane gasoline and ethylene glycol and ethylbenzene.


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