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What is Hastelloy B3 Flanges?

Hastelloy B3 Flanges are flanges made from a nickel-molybdenum alloy called Hastelloy B3. This material is highly resistant to corrosion in various reducing environments. It is ideal for harsh industrial applications, such as chemical processing, pollution control, and pulp and paper production. Hastelloy B3 Flanges offer exceptional resistance to hydrochloric acid at all concentrations and temperatures, making them a popular choice for industries dealing with acid production and other corrosive substances.

Hastelloy B3 Flanges Price

Hastelloy B3 Price in India is Rs 4000/- (Per Kg)

Applications of Hastelloy B3 Flanges:

Hastelloy B3 Flanges are used in various industrial applications due to their corrosion and heat resistance. This is because they comprise nickel, chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, cobalt and up to 12% iron. The high levels of molybdenum give it excellent oxidation properties, while the chromium contributes to its enhanced corrosion resistance. The presence of tungsten boosts its toughness against elevated temperatures, while cobalt helps with forming complex intermetallic phases, which improves its service performance in harsh conditions. The addition of iron contributes to building a solid alloying structure, allowing Hastelloy B3 Flanges to maintain their high strength in corrosive environments.

Chemical Composition of Hastelloy B3 Flanges:

Element Percentage

Nickel: 65% min

Molybdenum: 28-32%

Chromium: 1-3%

Iron: 1-3%

Tungsten: 3-4.5%

Cobalt: 1.5% max

Carbon: 0.01% max

Manganese: 3% max

Silicon: 0.10% max

Phosphorus: 0.025% max

Sulfur: 0.010% max

Mechanical Properties of Hastelloy B3 Flanges:

Property Value

Tensile Strength 110 ksi minimum

Yield Strength 50 ksi minimum

Elongation 40% minimum

Hardness HRB 95 maximum

Physical Properties of Hastelloy B3 Flanges:

Property Value

Density 9.22 g/cm3

Melting Point 1370-1418 °C

Coefficient of Expansion 12.9µm/m °C

Electrical Conductivity 1.05 %IACS

Thermal Conductivity 10.8 W/m.K

Standards of Hastelloy B3 Flanges:

Standard Country

ASTM B564 United States

ASME SB564 United States

EN 1092-1 Europe

BS 4504 United Kingdom

ISO 7005 International

FAQ's for Hastelloy B3 Flanges

Hastelloy B3 Flanges offer superior corrosion resistance and excellent weldability, as well as superior strength. They also come in various shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

You can purchase Hastelloy B3 Flanges online or from your local hardware store.

The price of Hastelloy B3 flanges will vary depending on size, weight and quantity required.

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