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Hastelloy B3 is an advanced nickel-based alloy featuring outstanding resistance to corrosive environments. It contains approximately 57% nickel, 21% molybdenum, and 16% chromium, with some iron and manganese content. This combination of metals results in excellent thermal stability, fatigue strength, and fabricability. Hastelloy B3 Hot Pipe Bend Pipe Fittings are produced through hot forming or press working in an unheated state. These fittings are then aged to achieve the correlated corrosion resistance and mechanical properties desired for specific applications. With features such as ductility, weldability, and exceptional corrosion resistance, Hastelloy B3 Hot Pipe Bend Pipe Fittings are often used in areas requiring intense service temperatures up to 1300°F (704°C).

Hastelloy B3 Hot Pipe Bend Pipe Fittings provide a reliable and durable solution to many piping needs. They quickly suit applications with stringent requirements, such as those that operate in high temperatures, contain corrosive substances, and handle severe mechanical stress and cyclic operating conditions. Many industries rely on this material for producing critical items in their production lines, such as instrumentation components, petrochemical processes and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Hastelloy B3 also offers outstanding resistance to stress-corrosion cracking, crevice corrosion and pitting due to its superior Nickel content, making it ideal for industrial sites in aggressive chemical environments. It also has excellent weldability properties and can be joined with conventional welding techniques without requiring special procedures or preheat treatments.

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