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The Hastelloy tube fitting manufacturer in India is providing a wide range of Hastelloy B3 instrumentation fittings in various forms. This Hastelloy B3 is now available in different shapes and sizes based on the specifications. This alloy can also manufacture in any custom size as per the client’s needs. The main thing about Hastelloy B3 is presenting ultimately high resistance to pure hydrobromic, hydrochloric and sulfuric acids. It also has a largely enhanced structural stability than compared to any other B-type alloys, which lead to small concerns while fabrication, welding and service.


The major characteristics of B3 alloy includes corrosion resistance, amazing resistance to pitting and acetic, formic and phosphoric acids, stress corrosion cracking and also other non-oxidizing media. Many companies are offering the best charges for Hastelloy B3 round bars. Based on the customer requirements, they offer third party inspection and mill testing reports. When compared to B-type material, one of the major attributes of B3 alloy is highly enhanced structural stability. However, this alloy is well known for its quality as well as timely delivery in the metal industry.

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