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Hastelloy B3 Long Stub End Pipe Fittings are composed of nickel-molybdenum alloy, containing additional components such as chromium and tungsten. This combination creates an alloy with excellent corrosion resistance in oxidising and reducing environments, especially hydrochloric and sulfuric acid. This composition makes them well-suited for high-temperature applications, allowing them to tolerate temperatures up to 1150°C without losing structural integrity. This robust material can also withstand intense pressure, making them ideal for various uses, from cryogenic installations to reactors in chemical processing plants.

B3 Hastelloy Long Stub End Pipe Fittings resist any chemical attack and provide strength at higher temperatures. Their unique combination of chromium, molybdenum and cobalt makes them ideal for applications involving sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid and alkaline solutions. Not only do these fittings have superior corrosion resistance, but they also boast excellent mechanical properties too. Due to their hardness characteristics, Hastelloy B3 Long Stub End Pipe Fittings have good resistance to abrasions and wear resistance. They offer high performance in temperatures up to 1500°F and can easily resist hot cracking or carburisation. This makes them the perfect choice for extreme heat or high-pressure applications.

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