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The Hastelloy B3 Nuts are an alloy of Nickel, chromium and molybdenum alloy which provides invincible strength in corrosive environments. Their excellent property of resistance against corrosion improves their workability in harsh atmosphere of reduction as well as oxidation. Their workability remains unaltered in acidic atmospheres of sulfur and HCL. The rugged construction of Hastelloy B3 Nuts helps them in providing strong resistance against stress corrosion cracking. Not only this, they have mechanical properties remained unaltered in intense heat.


These nuts are made from different types of alloy grades like C2000, B3, B2, C276, C22 and the last one is Hastelloy X. The Hastelloy nuts can be found through various online and offline distributors. You can always check out the large inventories of these nuts which are a proven resistant in a highly corrosive environment.


The excellent corrosion resistance of Hastelloy B3 Nuts is utilized in both oxidizing as well as reducing mediums. That is why, they are ideal for a variety of harsh corrosive environment and applications. These meticulous nuts show extraordinary resistance in acidic environments of sulfur and HCL. Not only this, they are also well utilized in chemical processing applications.

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